Unsolicited Customer Feedback!
"Thank you for the logos. They are impressive, and as hoped, resist the temptation to be predictable while still capturing a "showbiz'' feel . Our board is having a look at them as we speak-so we'll have a decision soon. Yes...do feel free to use both our logo and this testimonial on your site. We wish you all the best."
Juliet Jordan, Managing Director, Show Biz Domains

"Great job on the logo. I haven't made the site yet, and may ask for some color revisions later, but I just wanted to let you know that I like it. Thanks! Feel free include it in your gallery, although keep in mind that the site may not be up for a while. I will be ordering some other logos soon."
Bryan, Ring Legends

"Great Job! I really like it. Thanks."
Steve Isenberg, Alamo City Webs

"It's super; I love it. Thanks for a job well done."
Jennifer Johnson, Owner, j Banner

"The logo you designed for me is brilliant, simple, fun and clever. Feel free to use it on your site if you wish.Thank you also for the alternative colour scheme- a kind gesture. I think I like it the best actually. Cheers...P.S. If you need any music, just let me know!"
John, Music Producer

"Hello! Thank you for my Logo. I am more than pleased with the results,it looks fantastic! Please pass on my thanks to everyone concerned and PLEASE do include it in any gallery you have!"
Fergal Doherty, Managing Director, Submit Site

"Regarding the revisions...Looks good, thanks for your time and patience."
Steve W

"Many thanks for your work. The response from my associates has been overwhelmingly positive. For your reference, we have decided to go with the first, more conservative design..."
Jon, Japan Auxillary

"These logos are fantastic! Thank you so much for your hard work. We are thrilled with the results. And especially thank you for the extra color choice. We are having a hard time deciding which one we like best. They're both wonderful! Please feel free to include one or all of the logos in your gallery.
Amy Whitmer, Envision Resumes

"I Love it and thank you!"
Anita Pierce

"Super Job! Looks GREAT! Thanks..."
Roger, Advanced Marketing College

"Thanks so much! The logo looks great! And thank you for the mockup as well. The logo livens up the web site so much. Keep up the good work."
George R. Mariduena, Algae Source

"Daniel, thank you! I love the logo--it's perfect. The design will also work for any of the other xyz limo sites I have. Again, many thanks for your great work."
Rob, Boston Limos

"FANTASTIC! Good Job."
David Frey, Internet Marketing Bookstore

"I just want to thank you for the GREAT logo design.You did an exceptional job. You can use this logo in your gallery, or use me as a reference anytime. Thank you, again..."
Dan Gentz, dangentz.com

"Excellent work - cheers..."

"Thank you Daniel! I like the one without the black borders better, since it looks cleaner. Great Job!"

"Awesome Work! I'm always impressed! :-) Feel free to use my logo in your gallery. And thanks again! Have a great day! Best..."
Jeff, Best Biz Opps

"All I can say is W-O-W! I love it! Thanks so much."
Ellen Larsen, Tele Rates

"Wow! I am very pleased. The design is excellent - you very effectively conveyed the idea that our ads are available both in print and online. And the turnaround time is unbelievable! Thank you very much for your good work and very low fees. Yes, you may include our logo in your gallery...
Mark Van Patten, Daily News, Bowling Green, Ky

"Please feel free to use my logo in your gallery. I love it. It couldn't have been better. Thanks..."
Ken Shorey, NMS Now

"These logos are exceptional! I hate to ask for a revision, but would it be possible to lose the open book effect before the W on the first logo? I like this clean minimal look, I tried to erase what I'm talking about on the attached logo but don't know quite how. Sorry to be difficult, charge the same credit card as before. I don't know how you guys can do all this at these prices? Thanks for all your efforts,"
Dwight, War Mag

"Thank you - it's Perfect!"
Dave Cook, Listing 360

"Thank you for a job well done! I love the logo."
Wasiu, African Community Yellow Pages

"This is just a quick note to let you know I am very pleased with the design of the logo. I have already implemented the logo design...I have no problem with you featuring the logo in your portfolio. Thanks again and I am sure I will be back for more business with other sites.
David Di Cristo, Australia, Net Exposure

"Thank you so much for the logo.....I love it! You are a genius! Feel free to include this in your gallery!
Thanks again!"
Marilyn Peters, Marketing Business Opportunities

"An excellent job and so quick! How on earth do you do it? Thank you very much. I have forwarded the logo to my MD for approval and I am sure he will also be very pleased. ...thanks again and I will do my best to send others your way. Feel free to add our logo to the gallery. All the best"
Mike, OHI

"I just wanted to say Good Job, Nice logo for onthebody.com. Thank you. Happiest of holidays to you and your family and well wishes for a great New Year!"
Allen, On The Body.com

"Daniel, Awesome. Perfect. Thanks!"
Will McKee, Builder Tools

"Thanks very much for those. Really pleased with your ideas and will definitely be using the first image as the company logo."
Nick Staples, Forecourt Fuels

"Excellent job with the logo. I will be sure to pass on your site for those who are need of a Designer. Happy Holidays. Rgds..."
John, Netsense Technology

"Hi - I'm sorry for this delayed reply but I wanted to let you know that I'm just totally impressed with the logo. All i can say is wow. My husband isn't sure if wants to use the e=mc2 but that's our own issue to work out. We both love how you incorporated the formula into the background and the professional look of it all. To be able to be so creative like that must be a gift. Thanks again!"
Gena, Major Manor

"AWESOME!!! Looks much better! Thanks Dan!"
Karen, Virgina eHomes

"Hi Daniel, Again thats excellent work, I think I also got extra lucky here because I foolishly forgot to include my colour scheme when describing what I wanted but you've actually made it fit anyway. The scheme I am using is red, gold and black, on a white background so the red and black design fits in very well. Thanks again for your good work!
Kind Regards..."
Andrew Fraser , Which MP3.com

"Truly excellent quality work on a relatively short time. I am very happy with the logo that you've designed for my site. Please feel free to use this unsolicited testimonial for your site. Thanks again!"
Damian Julien, www.pdagameguide.com

"The logo is superb! Thanks!"
Neal, PlusSizeperfection.com

"GotLogos!... Great. The consensus here is the "N" version. Please put that one in your file for saving purposes. Thanks again for your design on this."
Jim Person , Community Emergency Action Network, Fairfax

"Daniel, Thanks so much for the fast service, it is awesome! By the way, do you guys also do virtual book covers? That is next. Thanks - Chuck"
Chuck, eLearning Secrets

"Thanks! I liked the design."
Jeff, Buy a New Car Now!

"Thank you - It's perfect!"
Clarice, Clarice Writing Services

"Hi - Thanks very much for those. Really pleased with your ideas and will definitely be using the first image as the company logo."
Nick Staples, Forecourt Fuels

"Thanks once again. I'm very happy."
Susanna Duffy, Milestones for Women

"Many thanks for the great logo. Couldn't be better! I'm very impressed with your service. Regards..."
John Darmody, Our Auctions

"Great logo Daniel, thank you."
Patrick Uloa, Bioplas

"Thank you for the great good on the logo. I have to admit that I was concerned about catching the spirit of Block Investments Inc. But as time does, that concern was proven unwarrented. The logo is marvelous! Thanks again."
Block Investments

"Love IT!!!! You have done a fab job...let me know what i owe you and how I can pay online."
Sanj, JIND personals

"I just want you to know that I love the logo. I am very impressed. Perfect."
Jamie, Media Cavern

"I have been very slow to say THANKS to you. I really like the logo you did for me. Well done. Regards..."
Kevin, Bid Clear Auctions

"The logo fits perfectly and looks great! Thanks..."
Richard, Reports2you

"Hello, I want to thank you for your design services. The logo looks great and I'm impressed. Please feel free to use my company logo in your galleries. I would also like to know if you have a banner ad for me to place on my site? If so, please send the code or if I need to sign up to be an affiliate I will do so. Once again thank you. Best Regards..."
Jeff Elliott, Novelties Plus LLC, novelties-plus.net

"The logo looks great I am very happy with it. I will have more work for you guys at a later date. Thanks again and keep up the good work."
Rick, Myktools.com

"Thanks so much for my great logo. I love it. You can include it in your gallery. I definately want people to see it. GotLogos.com gave me a professional logo at a great price. The turn around time was great and their customer service top notch. I highly recommend them and will do business with them again in the near future."
Tina Seay, TheChocolateRabbit.com

"Thanks, Daniel..it's a beauty!"
Adam Short, home-air-filter-edu.com

"Fantastic Job! Much Thanks! Regards..."
Jordan Haines, InkJet Cartridges For Less.com

"Dear Daniel...It is...they are...BEAUTIFUL...THANK YOU!"
John, Homes of Silicon Valley

"Coco - Look! Look! I've got tears........Xxoo

You are awesome! Thank you! "
Shauna, Adventures in Choice

"GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!! "
Harvey Kaplan, Magazine Rack

"That's what I was looking for. Thank you!!!"
Denyele, Wink Woodworks

"BEAUTIFUL! How did you know I would like the oval pattern? Perfect. Perfect. I'd love for you to include it in your gallery. I am so happy! I'm telling other people about your service too. As a matter of fact, I have made people look at your site and go through your gallery while I'm on the phone with them! I'm looking forward to the day when I can order the printable version for letterhead etc. You made my day. Thanks!"

"Thanks Daniel ... Great job as ever :-) Better get my finger out and redesign the site now, I suppose! Kind regards"
Mick Garlick, Store Valley Internet Services

"Hi Daniel... Thank you again for your logo design work! It looks terrific and I'm so pleased to show everyone at a meeting later today. I will let you know which one we go with. Thank you for your time and creativity...Regards..."
Julie Ford, ConnectStLouis.com

"Thanks!!! We like it a lot.... Feel free to use it in the gallery if you wish. One question, what is the name of the font used? You've come through for me again... Thanks!"
Ray Whaley, eComputer, Inc.

"Daniel ~ I LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much!!! It's got the colors, motion and message I want. Thanks!!! "
Cynthia Bull, www.cynrje.com

"...I am starting to soft launch FunnyPostcard.com and the art is just wonderful to work with. You put so much into such a small space its amazing."
Karl Stepp, FunnyPostCard.com

"Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you for such a *wonderful* logo for ActiveTraffic.com and GiftFriends.com! Thank you!"
Roger Whitaker

"Superb job on banner-buttons! Thanks."
Lee Hodgson, DomainGuideBook

"Thanks for the great logo! You are free to use the logo in the gallery!"
Rodney Blackwell, emailsources.com

"I want thank you for the beautiful and enjoyable logo you maked! Of course I don't have any problem for the logo inclusion in your gallery!"
Ugo Pandolfo, Italian Internet entrepreneur

"Thanks for the prompt turnaround on the logo, and by the way, I really like it!"
Bradley W. Honeycutt, ecardtricks.com

"Hello! The logo is amazing, thank you very much, well worth the investment."
Craig, thepar.com

"Thank you very much, this is absolutely wonderful! I am very pleased with the results."
Karen Cinnamon, Bargain Boardwalk

"I've browsed thru both of your galleries and I really like your work. Simple, bold, very cool."
Marc Peterson

"A million thanks to you...Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate the extra mile you did on this one."
Wilson Martinez, Domainhouse.com, et. al.

"Thanks! The logo looks great. I've just placed an order for a further 10 :-)"
Paul Graham, Entrepreneur, Scotland

"GotLogos, once again...thanks very much! I'm very pleased...Your service is GREAT! THANKS AGAIN!"
Debbie Gilstrap, myadlady.com

"I LOVE them (officepools and hockeydraft) - you're a beautiful person! Amazing for the turnaround and price - there are too many people getting ripped on graphics out there - I wish gotlogos all the success it deserves! Thank You!"
Colin Briosi, Canadian net entrepreneur

"The logo is excellent! Thank you very much."
Kat Moser, Web Design by KAT

"Thanks! - I really like this! Wow! Great work! ... I really, really think it's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Brian S. Tinsley, InsaneDomains.com

"Thanks a million. Everythings looks great!"
Luther Wood, Link2 properties

"What an excellent job. Very Talented. I don't know if I mentioned it or not but please don't show it in the gallery. Thanks for a great logo."
Name Withheld By Request

"I couldn't be mo impressed! The logo is fun and emphasizes the MO just as I requested. Thank you for your work and so quick. And, please feel free to put my logo in your gallery."
Stewart Scott, WinMo.Com

"...appreciate what you have done for us and your effort of quality customer service....for $25 it's probably the best bargain I'll ever get this year..."
Adam Turner, HomePageUniverse.com

"...thank you for your services, we shall certainly be using you again."
Mark Milner, World Domains LTD

"Thanks for the great logo!"
T.S. van Gent, BRB Webmarketing

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